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What is rt-exam.com

RT Exam is a professional online radio telephony testing software designed for examiners and instructors to examine and train Private Pilot Licence (PPL) students. The software has been designed to meet and exceed the specification for RT examination software as laid out in CAA CAP2118.

The software runs within any modern web browser, allowing it to run from any computer without the need to install any software. The test is operated using two separate computers. For examinations, the two computers must be physically located together to meet the testing requirements. For training they can be remote to each other allowing both the student and instructor to be in different locations.

To commence a new test click the Launch button at the top of this website to go to the login/student connect page. Once logged in, the examiner/instructor selects the parameters and route for the test and inputs the generated join code into the other computer on the student connect page.

Once the training/exam is initiated, rt-exam displays the test using an aircraft flying a pre-defined route over an aeronautical chart at a selected speed on both the student and examiner screen. The instructor/examiner has controls to adjust the route if necessary, create alerts for the candidate/student and play pre-recorded mayday messages into the software. The candidate/student has control over radio frequencies, ability to fast-forward the flight and also orbit the aircraft.

On the examiner version of the software, once the test is complete, the audio recording of the exam is automatically saved. Recordings of previous tests can be managed by the examiners and shared as required.

Key Features

  • Web browser based
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Built in and automatic test audio recording
  • 8.33 Frequency spacing - with active/standby box
  • Send written alerts to your student's screen
  • Play pre-recorded Mayday calls
  • Simple Student & Examiner speed controls
  • Examiner only route controls for diversions

A Professional FRTOL Examination Software

Clean User Interface

Take control of the exam by pre-programming all your routes before the test, allowing both you and the student to focus on the actual radio telephony (RT) tasks.

Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying around additional equipment for your RT tests. The rt-exam website allows you to launch your test using any two computers with an internet connection and connected headsets.

Quick and Simple Route Controls

Need to change the pre-loaded route mid-test? RT-exam has a simple user interface for examiners to amend the flightpath at any point of a test to simplify testing items such as diversions.

Maydays and Events

Enhance your testing process by adding pre-recorded mayday and event messages to the exam. Our software allows examiners to select and use their own pre-recorded messages, providing a realistic testing experience for candidates.

Request a demo

Want to try a live demo of rt-exam? To experience the software in action send us a request using the form button below. Once received, a member of our team will promptly get in touch to schedule a convenient date and time for a remote demonstration. To join you will need a computer with microphone, speakers and an internet connection.


Professional use for examiners is available for an annual fee of £94.99. With an active subscription, you'll have access to the rt-exam.co.uk portal, which allows you to conduct RT tests using your web browser. This includes creating routes, recording distress calls, preparing alerts, and managing previous test recordings. Additionally, we provide high-priority email and telephone support to assist you with any issues to keep your tests running smoothly.

To purchase a licence take a look at our licensing page.

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